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Kotlin Weekly #-330!

We Are Looking For EAP Champions! ( The Kotlin Team is looking for Kotlin Early Access Preview (EAP) champions. If you are interested make sure that you check this post.

Kotlin Coroutines use cases for Domain Layer ( How can you Kotlin Coroutines in the Domain Layer? Marcin Moskala answers this question in an excerpt from the book Kotlin Coroutines.

KMM — Think smarter when sharing state ( In this short blog, Ciaran Sloan explores how we can drive the UI from a shared platform specific state in KMM.

My life after afterEvaluate {} ( If you’re writing Gradle build scripts, chances are you have already used afterEvaluate {}. Martin Bonnin wants to share a few lessons he learnt with it.

Create a Kotlin/Native Web Server With Ktor and SQLDelight PostgresSQL ( Article showcasing how we can use Ktor and SQLDelight PostgresSQL to have a web server up and running.

Koin Android 3.3.0 - Easier, Better, Stronger with ViewModels ( The version 3.3.0 of koin-android and koin-androidx-compose has been released. This version focuses on ViewModel API updates. This article takes a tour of ViewModel features and how it has been improved in this new version.

Measuring and drawing in Jetpack Compose ( To understand how drawing works, we need to give a look to measuring first. Jorge Castillo takes a take a sneak peek in this article.

What Is a Flow? | Kotlin Flow for Android Development ( Lukas Lechner has published a new video, where he explains Flows and everything you need to know about them.

KTUG Munich - November 2022 ( Video from the KTUG Munich November Meetup, with talks from Alex from Gradle, Marcel from Google and Sebastian from JetBrains.

Chilling with Kotlin – Q&A | Reading about Uxn in prep for building an emulator ( Casual Livestream from Sebastian Aigner, where he livestreams answering Kotlin questions and getting into discussions from viewers.

Thunderbird Android Developer at Mozilla (Remote) ( The Thunderbird team at Mozilla is looking for a new Android developer. Remote and you get to work on Open Source code. Check out their opening.

Kotlin DevRoom - FOSDEM 2023 - Call For Proposal ( CFP is open for the Kotlin devroom at FOSDEM 2023 in Brussels. The CFP closes on December 4th. Apply on the link if you are interested in supporting a community event.


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