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Kotlin Weekly #-238!

Hi folks! Huge week we had, we don’t stop having your articles and work to be sent on the weekly. Please, keep sending it to us! Enjoy your Sunday and the upcoming week.

Multik: Multidimensional Arrays in Kotlin ( JetBrains has released Multik, the first preview of a library that aims to serve as a foundation for performing computations over multidimensional arrays.

Server-side With Kotlin Webinar Series, Vol 2 ( Kotlin for server-side webinars keep going. Between February 18 and March 18 JetBrains will host 4 webinars to explore applied software development with Kotlin on server-side through live-coding sessions.

First preview of Android 12 ( The first Android 12 Preview is out. Check out some of the next goodies they will include

[SPONSORED] Kotlin-first Android Chat SDK with New UI Components ( Stream’s Chat SDK is here to cover all your in-app messaging needs: channels, messages, threads, attachments, reactions, offline support, real-time events, and a brand new, shiny UI implementation. It’s even open source. Try our new Android tutorial now, and see why Stream powers feeds and chat for over a billion end-users!

Leroy Merlin Case Study: Building Customer-Facing Flagship App with KMM ( In this new Case Study, Leroy Merlin explains how they built their Flagship app using KMM.

Different Approaches in Consuming KMM Modules in iOS ( iOS seems less natural for KMM, and hence a few operations might be more convoluted. In this article, Malvin Sutanto explains how iOS apps can consume KMM modules.

The Best Way to Collect a Flow in Kotlin – launchIn ( Sometimes we need to collect FLows for any reason. Sam Edwards wrote an opinionated guide on the best way to do it.

Learning about Explicit API mode in Kotlin ( Explicit API mode come with 1.4 to facilitate life to library authors. Kenji Tomita wrote an article about how to use it.

Functional Domain Modeling in Kotlin ( The goal of functional domain modeling is to describe your business domain as accurately as possible. Check out in this article by Simon Vergauwen how it applies to Kotlin.

Considerations when creating Android libraries ( Developing libraries for Android requires a few considerations, especially when interacting between Java and Kotlin. Check out in this article some tips to deal with libraries.

Data Integrity: CRC with Kotlin on Android ( Data verification can be done through different mechanisms. Ghulam Nasir from QuickBird explains how to do it using CRC with Kotlin.

FOSDEM - Come to the Backend side, with have Kotlin ( Julian Salvi session at the FOSDEM about Kotlin for the Backend side.

The Developers’ Bakery - Koin with Arnaud Giuliani ( In this new episode of The Developers’ Bakery, Nico speaks with Arnaud, authour and mantainer of Koin.


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