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Kotlin Weekly #-346!


KotlinConf schedule ( The KotlinConf schedule has been announced! Check out all the sessions announced here. If you are traveling to Amsterdam come and say hi, we will have stickers for you.

Nullability in Kotlin ( Kotlin started as a remedy to Java problems, and the biggest problem in Java is nullability. Check out in this excerpt from Kotlin Essentials more about the nullability in Kotlin.

Exposed in Your Project - Part 1 ( In this tutorial, Patryk Szlagowski shows what is and how to use JetBrains/Exposed framework, the DSL approach especially.

Streamlining User Actions with the Command Pattern: A Practical Guide ( An important aspect of creating a delightful user experience is handling actions from users and presenting the ‘right state’ based on the action. This article showcases how to implement the Command Pattern using Kotlin.

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM) and Why Is the Best Mobile Hybrid Technology ( Miguel shares in this article why he thinks KMM is currently the best Hybrid technology available in the market.

Hexagonal Architecture Inside the Hexagon Toolkit ( Are you interested in the Hexagon Tookit? Join this webinar to learn more about Hexagon Toolkit’s design goals, explore its principles and more.

Master Functional Thinking - Actions, Calculations, Data ( In this new episode, Duncan McGregor takes a look at the code in his codebase and characterise it into Actions, Calculations and Data.

Kotlin Basics: Retrieve single elements from collections. Collections part 5 ( Stavro Xhardha has published the 5th video on Collections in Kotlin from his Kotlin Basics Course.

TOA: Migrating To kotlin.Result ( In this session, Adam McNeilly migrates away from his hand-written Result class into the kotlin.Result class from the standard library.

Will Loom Kill Kotlin Coroutines? ( In this episode of Talking Kotlin, Urs Peter talks about what will happen to Kotlin Coroutines after the arrival of Project Loom in JVM.


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