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Kotlin Weekly #-185!

Hello Kotliners! This week is not only special for Valentine’s day, but also for being Kotlin anniversary! Kotlin v1.0 was released on 15 February 2016. Happy 4th birthday for our favorite programming language. And here our selection of links for the upcoming week.

Kotlin Heroes 3: A Programming Challenge from JetBrains and Codeforces ( JetBrains has open the Kotlin Heroes coding challenge, and the registration has just opened. A perfect opportunity to put your Kotlin skills into practice and potentially learn some prizes.

Kotlin overtakes Scala and Clojure, to become the 2nd most popular language on the JVM. ( Kotlin popularity does not stop. At Snyk JVM ecosystem report, now ranks as the 2nd most popular language for the JVM.

[SPONSORED] Kotlin Crash Course for Programmers ( Learn how to develop Kotlin scripts and applications. In this interactive, text-based crash course, you’ll learn how to work with read-only variables, type inference, default values, functions and more.

Parameterized tests with Kotlin’s Sealed Classes ( Parameterized tests are very useful if we need multiple runs of the same test but with different input arguments. Learn in this article by Danny Preussler how to manage them with Kotlin’s Sealed Classes

Enforcing type safety of IDs in Kotlin ( Check in this article how to avoid certain bugs in our codebase by enforcing type safety of IDs in Kotlin

Testing Kotlin Lambda Invocations without Mocking ( In this post, Yang shares with us a simple technique for verifying the invocation of a Kotlin lambda function without mocking it.

How to become Effective with Kotlin? Answers from Marcin Moskala ( Marcin Moskala, author of Effective Kotlin, answered a few questions about how to become effective with Kotlin.

Managing the Kotlin Weekly ( Metapost about how to use Kotlin (and other techniques) to manage the Kotlin Weekly.

Android functional Clean Architecture ( Learn in this article how Kotlin functional programming and Arrow can help us simplify behavior injection in our Android apps.

Reaktive binary compatibility: how we achieve it ( In this article by the Badoo Tech team, they explain you how they achieve binary compatibility: its peculiarities in the case of Kotlin; how it has been supported at JetBrains and Badoo as well.

X-Team is Hiring Android/Kotlin Developers (Remote) ( We are looking for passionate Android/Kotlin developers to work with the world’s leading brands, from anywhere. Travel the world while being part of the most energizing community of developers. We fund everything you need to stay active & growing. Join X-Team.


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