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Kotlin Weekly #-382!

Kotlin Developer Survey #2 ( Our colleagues at JetBrains asked us to let you know that the Kotlin Developer Survey is still open. Please, consider supporting JetBrains and filling it. Your contribution will certainly influence the future development of Kotlin.

Kotlin 1.9.21 ( Kotlin 1.9.21 is out! Check out the full list of features included in this page.

[SPONSORED] What do martinis and bug reports have in common? ( They’re best served shaken. If you want the fastest way to get complete bug and crash reports, try Bug Shake by Embrace. It’s 100% free, built to get you the context you need to solve bugs before they hit production.

Secure REST API with Ktor and JWT Access Tokens ( In this first article from the new series, Piotr Wolak shows how to implement a simple REST API with Ktor and secure it with JWT (JSON Web Token) access tokens.

Become a Koin Community Lead : Empower the Kotlin Community with Your Passion and Knowledge ( Koin is looking for Community Leads. If you are interested in supporting them, check out this article.

Have You Truly Used Generics? Understanding Kotlin’s Powerful Type System ( Nirbhay Pherwani analyses in deep generics in Kotlin, and why they are such a powerful mechanism.

Reactive Programming in Kotlin - SharedFlow ( Donovan LaDuke takes a look at SharedFlow, and analyses the key differences when it is compared to Flows.

Source, Binary and backward compatibility rule them all ( Marco Signoretto wrote about binary compatibility, why you should care, and how not to break it with a Kotlin focus.

Why Isn’t Functional Programming the Norm? ( In this not 100% Kotlin video, Richard Feldman asks himself why isn’t functional programming the norm, and gives an interesting point of view of functional programming and the ecosystem in general.

Extracting Data from Maps - More Data-Oriented Programming in Kotlin ( In this new video, Duncan McGregor focuses on how to extract data from maps and other arbitrary paths in Kotlin.

Compose App Dev with new Kotlin Tooling? – Fleet + KMP + Q&A! ( Sebastian Aigner and Marton Braun chat in this Twitch about the new tooling available for Kotlin Multiplatform developers.


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