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Kotlin Weekly #-226!

Hi folks! We are sending this email from Vietnam, where we are going to stay for the foreseable future. Remember to wash your hands, wear a mask and learn more Kotlin every week.

Kotlin 1.4.20 Released ( Now it is official: Kotlin 1.4.20 has been released. Here you can see the official JetBrains announcement, with all the newly included features.

GitLive Case Study: Kotlin Multiplatform Across Desktop and Mobile ( JetBrains has published a new case study from GitLive. They are using Kotlin Multiplatform not only in mobile, but also on the desktop. Always a fantastic read to see how other companies are dealing with KMP.

Server-side with Kotlin Webinar Series ( JetBrains is releasing a series of webinars to help you to learn more about backend development with Kotlin or even try it for the first time.

Build Better Apps with Kotlin ( Google has a new landing page that explains why teams would want to adopt Kotlin. In case you need to argue with your team, this is a handy resource.

[SPONSORED] Black Friday at ( Make 2021 your best year ever with an Ultimate Pro subscription from! Get unlimited access to 4,000+ videos and 40+ development books designed for professionals like you. Just $299/year for Black Friday.

Programming Language Evolution ( The history of programming languages is ripe with evolution. Existing languages constantly evolve and new languages are created to address the emerging needs. Roman Elizarov writes about how we moved from GOTO languages to the current idiomatic approaches.

Debugging Binary Kotlin Frameworks ( Ben Asher has put together some of his thoughts on debugging binary Kotlin iOS frameworks.

KMM exploration ( Jamie McDonald started recently a new KMM app. He has summarized his thoughts and what he learned in this article.

When is a Type not a Type? Kotlin in the IDE ( Paul Blundell explains the ‘show type hints’ feature of IntelliJ.

Quine in Kotlin ( In this video, Dmitry Kandalov uses Kotlin and IntelliJ to write a quine: a program which prints its own source code.

There Is 1 Broken API Among Us ( Nicola Corti analyses how can we avoid libraries and APIs getting broken while we develop them, and will showcase some of the available tools we have.

NetEase Cloud Music create better app experiences with Kotlin and new technologies ( Google has published a new study case of companies using Kotlin. In this case, NetEasy explain how and why are they using Kotlin.

GraphQL with Apollo and Kotlin ( Hadi speaks in this new chapter with some of the folks working on the Apollo library for GraphQL, and how they are providing multiplatform support with Kotlin.


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