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Kotlin Weekly #-248!


Effective Kotlin Item 36: Prefer composition over inheritance ( Items of the Effective Kotlin book by Marcin Moskala. In this article, some reflections on when should we use composition and inheritance in Kotlin.

Composing Web Content ( GDE Roberto Orgiu has written an article about how to use Jetpack Compose to render web pages.

Recreating Still D.R.E. in Kotlin ( This article explains how to recreate a classic hip-hop tune by Dr Dre using the library punkt and some Kotlin goodness for sequence processing.

An Argument for Ending the Single Letter Generic Type Convention in Kotlin ( An article by Bryan Sills on why we should give generic types descriptive names instead of using single letters.

Room auto-migrations ( Room has implemented auto-migrations, and they are coming with the version 2.4.0-alpha01. Check out in this version how to use them.

Jetpack Compose — Before and after ( Chris Banes wrote a blog post about how the build speed, APK size and source line count changed after migrating the Tivi sample app to Jetpack Compose.

Rx to Coroutines Concepts, Part 1 ( Bill Phillips from Cash App has written an article about how some concepts compare between RxJava and Coroutines.

From Inline to Value Classes ( This video covers one of the main features of the Kotlin 1.5.0 release: inline value classes. Inline classes wrap values without any additional overhead.

Sealed Interfaces and Sealed Classes Improvements ( This video introduces the new sealed interfaces functionality in Kotlin 1.5.0 and other improvements for sealed classes.

Lead Android Developer @ Stream ( Stream is hiring a Lead Android Developer to build and mentor a new team around our Jetpack Compose efforts. Join one of the growing startups in Colorado and Amsterdam and help us build the world’s most complete SDKs for chat and messaging applications. Apply now!

Talking Kotlin: Teaching Kotlin at Stanford, with Rahul Pandey ( In this episode of Talking Kotlin Rahul Pandey talks about the specifics of his approach to teaching Kotlin for Android development at Stanford.

The Developers’ Bakery: MoshiX and KSP with Zac Sweers ( Nicola Corti speaks in this chapter with Zac Sweers about meta-programming, annotation processors and compiler plugins.


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