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Kotlin Weekly #-233!

Morning folks. One more week and one more issue coming to your mail inbox. Enjoy it.

My MutableStateFlow Didn’t Emit! ( You should rather be using MutableStateFlow when dealing with Flow. Read this article by Sam Edwards to learn the reasons.

The future of apps: Declarative UIs with Kotlin MultiPlatform (D-KMP) — Part 1/3 ( First article in the serie by Daniele Baroncelli explaining how can Declarative UIs be achieved from KMP.

Avoid backing properties for LiveData and StateFlow ( Using prefixes in backing fields in LiveData is wrong, but there are also some other potential issues Danny Preussler wants to warn you about.

Enable iosMain sourceSet in Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile projects ( When developing iOS in KMP, the code is considered by the compiler in several versions: iosArm64, iosX64, and also iosArm32. This article explains how to approach this scenario.

Nested tests with Junit5 ( Nested tests in Junit5 allows us grouping test cases. Check how to do this in presenter tests.

Helping You Understand The Syntax of Jetpack Compose ( This article by Oussama Hafferssas aims to clarify the syntax of Jetpack Compose from a Kotlin perspective.

Deploying server-side Kotlin Ktor applications on Dokku ( In this article by Sebastian Aigner, you will learn how to deploy ktor apps on Dokku.

Drawing and painting in Jetpack Compose: More on Canvas ( This article describes how to use Canvas on Jetpack Compose.

Senior Software Engineer at Squarespace ( Squarespace is seeking a Senior Software Engineer - Android to join our small, collaborative team responsible for the end-to-end development of our Android applications and the long-term vision of Squarespace on mobile devices.


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