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Kotlin Weekly #-191!

Hello Kotliners! We hope that in the current Age of Confination, you can still unwind your head and find some other hobbies and dedications. We hope to contribute with our selection of weeks for the upcoming week.

Kotlin 1.4-M1 Released ( JetBrains has announced the first preview version of the new major release: Kotlin 1.4-M1. Check out some of the new features in this link

The suspend modifier — Under the hood ( In this article in Kotlin Vocabulary, Manuel Vivo explores the suspend modifier and how it works under the hood.

How to become a speaker: my Kotlin/Everywhere series journey ( In this article, Kubra Harmankaya describes her journey to become a speaker at the Kotlin/Everywhere season

No more NPE: Converting Java to Kotlin safely ( Conversion from old Java code into Kotlin is not always straightforward, and often you end up with unseen NPE. In this article you can read some tips about how to convert files from Java to Kotlin safely.

Delegated properties in Kotlin ( This articles explores the concept of the delegate properties in Kotlin, and all the magic behind them

Best Architecture For Android : MVI + LiveData + ViewModel ( This article explains how you can architecture your Android app, and uses some specific Kotlin techniques to achieve it (Kotlin sealed classes and backing properties)

FOSDEM Kotlin DevRoom ( All the videos from the FOSDEM Kotlin DevRoom are available on their website. A great plan for this Sunday.

Conference for Kotliners - 5th of June, 2020 ( Don’t miss the Kotlin event of the summer, in the heart of Europe! Kotliners is a conference for everything Kotlin, with two tracks about the present and future of the ecosystem. Our lineup is now live, with expert speakers from JetBrains, Google, Touchlab, Twilio, and 47 Degrees. Tickets are available in limited numbers.


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