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Kotlin Weekly #-213!

Hello Kotliners. We hope you had time to play with Kotlin 1.4, we have already done it in a few on our projects and it always feels great to update your daily language. We hope you are having a good weekend, and we hope the following links contribute towards your learning process. Enjoy them.

Introducing Kotlin for Apache Spark Preview ( JetBrains has released the first preview of the Kotlin API for Apache Spark. This project adds a missing layer of compatibility between Kotlin and Apache Spark.

Why exception handling with Kotlin Coroutines is so hard and how to successfully master it ( Exception handling in Coroutines is one of those things that never let us satisfied. Learn in this article by Lukas Lechner how you can approach it.

gRPC with Kotlin Coroutines ( New article by Mohit Sarveiya exploring how to use gRPC with Kotlin coroutines on both the server and client using the gRPC-Kotlin library.

Functional Programming With Kotlin and Arrow ( Learn how to use algebraic operations to better understand functional programming concepts like class constructs, typeclasses and lists in Kotlin & Arrow.

JetPack Compose — State Management ( Ali Azaz Alam has written an article about managing state in JetPack compose

Build and run Jetpack Compose for Desktop ( We all know Compose from being a Kotlin GUI Toolkit for Android, but it is not limited to the green Droid. In fact, it can be used for other environments. Check in this article how to run Compose in a Mac Desktop.

Plotly.kt wrapper library for kotlin-multiplatform ( Release video for new version of plotly.kt, a Kotlin wrapper for the popular plot library Plotly.

Sitting down with the Kotlin Advocates ( Hadi Hariri speaks with other members of the JB Kotlin advocacy team about Kotlin 1.4, life as a developer advocate and more.


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