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Kotlin Weekly #-220!

Hello Kotliners! Since we are getting each day more and more content, we have decided to send a few more articles that we usually send, and see what the analytics tell us. We really get a lot of content, and we would like to include more on our mailing list. You know you can always reach out to us with your feedback. But now, enjoy your tea or coffee and our selection of articles.

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Kotlin 1.4 Online Event Recap ( Last week we had the Kotlin 1.4 Online Event by JetBrains. In this article, Malvin Sutanto summarizes the most important aspects of it.

Nanoservices: The Power of Composition ( Check in this article how we can use http4k to create nano-services - which are apparently thousand times smaller than microservices.

Kotlin Functional Interfaces: Function reference and SAM conversion ( Kotlin 1.4 provides now a Functional interface which supports SAM conversion, and it is very straightforward to do. Check out this article by Vasya Drobushkov to learn more.

Kotlin scope and extension functions. How to not harm your code ( Scope functions in Kotlin are powerful tools that can make the code more concise but, like any powerful tool, can also ruin it if not used properly. This article covers the typical scope function issues and gotchas and offers mitigation practices.

Don’t argue with default arguments ( In this new article in the series of Kotlin vocabulary, Florina Muntenescu shows us the secrets behind the default articles in Kotlin.

Synchronous communication with the UI using StateFlow ( Raúl Hernández López keeps exploring async communication in apps and Flow. In this article, he dives deep into StateFlow to check how we can get rid of callbacks in our codebase.

Learn the steps to build an app that detects crop diseases ( In the context of the DevFest, Chet Haase has created an Android app using Kotlin that recognizes information about plants.

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Developer at Touchlab ( For the last decade, Touchlab has been at the forefront of mobile product development. Help us to continue to define the future of Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (KMM). We’ve contributed code to Kotlin/Native itself, built the most popular open-source starter kit for KMM, and released multiple KMM libraries used by developers around the world. We’re in search of Mobile Developers with Android/Kotlin experience with some iOS experience. As KMM adoption continues to grow we are looking to work with engineers who want to help shape the KMM platform.


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